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It was God’s plan to have a seed of Holy Family congregation in Gadchandur, to spread the charisma of our foundress, Blessed Mariam Thresia. God Almighty chose Blessed Mariam Thresia to be his humble instrument to found the congregation of the Holy Family in order to build up the families in love and peace.

Blessed Mariam Thresia was born on 26th April 1876, as the daughter of Thoma and Thanda Chiramel Mankudayan in Puthenchira, Thrissur District, Kerala.

Blessed Mariam Thresia considered education as the most important need of the families and tried her best to establish schools in the villages and towns where the congregation had a presence.Through the holiness and humility of our founder, the congregration flourished and divided into many provinces. Today, we have 213 convents, 10 colleges, 110 schools, 11 integrated family development forums, 6 home for the aged, 4 schools for the differently abled, 3 hospitals and one family Apostolate training and research institute. The Sisters of the Holy Family Marian Province decided to start an english medium school with CBSE syllabus for the benefit of the children residing in and around the present school premises.The school was started in Thutra, Gadchandu, Chandrapur district, on June 2010. The School building was blessed by Mar Vijay Anand Nedumpuram CMI, Bishop Emeritus of Chanda diocese and classes were started for the children.

Vision and Mission

Holy Family Vision of Education

To mould the child into a sensible, vibrant and responsible citizen, dedicated to the service of mankind, to build a better world. Holy Family Mission Statement

To provide quality education for all, irrespective of caste, color and creed and to develop social etiquette and courtesies of life.

To foster spiritual formation, pluralism and values in faith, so as to promote peace in this world.

To develop a deep rooted outlook in one's culture.

To ensure holistic and integral development of every child.